Frequently Asked Questions

Why yellow shea butter is yellow?

It has turmeric in it, which gives yellow shea butter it’s yellow color

Can we eat shea butter ?

No you can not eat shea butter.

If there a difference between Black soap and Black Soap paste ?

Well in terms of ingredients, No. The only difference Black soap paste has is the consistency. It is much softer and easy to use.

Are these products fair trade?

Yes all of our products are fair trade.

Do you sell in very large amount ?

Yes Manding company has no problem serving any size of business, We can provide you truck/container loads as well if needed.

Do you add anything/ mix/cut your products ?

No manding company never temper with their Natural products, Our main goal in to make Natural products available in their purest form.

Do you ship to out side of the usa?

It all depends on what you buy. regardless our answer is yes. Before your buy from out side of the USA please note.

  1. You have checked about shipping cost with manding company.
  2. You have confirmed the packaging size/weight/shape etc.
  3. You know your country’s customs law/Fee etc .

Once you know all this. Manding company would be more than happy to serve you.

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